Anti-Theft Devices

As stolen plant reaches record levels every year in the UK, it is costing the industry over £75million per annum. The problem of plant theft is effecting an increasing number of British businesses including plant hirers, construction companies, civil engineers, utilities work, ground workers, and many other industries where machines are left unattended.

At D & S Kitching we treat the theft of plant very seriously. We therefore work closely with two of the leading companies involved with plant security:


Meck Lock System is a patented proven anti theft system that is sold world wide. In the UK it has Thactam P2, P3 and H3 approval. When developing Meck Lock System in 1987 the designer wanted to produce a system that actually stopped the theft happening rather producing another annoying alarm or electronic system that can be easily by passed. Realising that if you can stop the vehicle being driven away the designer developed a mechanical system that achieves this design requirement by isolating the hydraulic or pneumatic system. This simple but effective idea has seen Meck Lock not only survive over the last 16 years while many security companies went under but actually increase world wide sales year on year by an average of 30%.

Meck Lock System works by isolating the hydraulic flow on a vehicle. It is isolated mechanically and not electronically as electronic isolation is very easy to by pass. Any vehicle with a hydraulic system can have Meck Lock System fitted - we have not found a vehicle that we can not fit Meck Lock to! The system is operated by a a patented key that has 60 million combinations and cannot be copied. If a key is lost there is a secure procedure for ordering replacement keys. The key is the strength of Meck Lock System as it is a physical component that can be managed with ease that has been proven by a variety of companies who have all their hired in vehicles covered with Meck Lock - providing a solution for both the hirer and hiree.

Satrak is a specialist provider of Security Tracking & Immobilisation products, designed specifically to meet the needs of the construction industry. The comprehensive nature of the Satrak product means it provides the ultimate form of protection for our customers.

The remote immobiliser can be activated by the hire desk, site supervisor, fleet manager or plant supervisor automatically or via any phone to ensure the machines are safely secured, without needing to be on site.

The Satrak unit is hidden within the machine or vehicle, and it monitors its status 24 hrs a day, knowing its position and status, at all times.
The owner of the equipment is in direct contact with the machine, avoiding unnecessary costs and time delays through use of third party monitoring centres and recovery teams.

Satrak has the crucial benefit of being a GPS tracking system as well, so that when the machine is stolen through a ‘bogus’ hire situation or the immobiliser is avoided the machine can be recovered swiftly. Using the Global Positioning System (GPS) the Satrak is able to pinpoint its position to within 10 meters anywhere in the world, meaning that location information is accurate and reliable, making recovery quicker, and inexpensive, nor involving 3rd party recovery teams.

Satrak is specifically designed for the harsh environment that plant machines have to operate in. The unit is fully water and dust proofed, and built to military standards of ruggedisation to ensure it can withstand vibration, and the hot and cold temperatures that it is exposed to.

These anti theft devices can be fitted to all machines hired out by D & S Kitching.
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